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Wedding Books

Your Day, Your Memories

Your special day is planned down to the finest detail and your photographer captures all those wonderful moments for you to remember. Pictures on Pages brings those moments together in an artful collection that is sure to be admired for years to come. While the dress hangs in the closet and the flowers dry in the basement, your photos will be displayed in a beautiful photo book to be shared and admired.

Cindy & Erik

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" I will never forget the first time my husband and I looked through our wedding book that Pictures on Pages created for us.... all of the memories from our perfect day came back, and then some. The photos are so beautiful it would be a shame to only have them exist on a CD or on your computer. Our wedding book is looked at on a regular basis - by our friends, our family, and by us! The love and detail that they put into our book is unbelievable. They remembered and put in details of the day I would never have thought of. It is truly one of our most beloved possessions, and we are so grateful to Pictures on Pages for creating it for us. "  - Cindy, Bride

"Our beautiful wedding album captures our friends, family and ourselves in a format we can actually use and revisit much more easily than pulling up the digital photos. Thanks so much!"  - Erik, Groom

Aislinn & Mitch

"They did an amazing job on my wedding photo book. Pictures on Pages captured all aspects of my wedding and chose the best photos to use. There was careful attention to details and wonderful layouts! I love my book and having all my favourite wedding photos in one place."  - Aislinn, Bride

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Karen & Steve

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"We had so many great photos from our wedding and Pictures on Pages put them all together in one beautiful book that we will cherish forever. She is amazing to work with and really listens to what you want. The details and layout they created really reflect our style and makes it even more unique and customized to who we are. Our wedding was such a special memorable day and thanks to Pictures on Pages we can re-live it through our album any time we want. I will definitely use them again for our future family albums. Thanks!!" -  Karen, Bride

"I had no idea what to expect, but this was amazing. I am so glad we invested into making this book! It totally exceeded my expectations!"   -  Steve, Groom

Angela & Evan

"We continue to look at our Pictures on Pages time and time again. The organization and creativity that was positioned into our book will forever be a treasure to us and to our families. It’s like one giant gift of words, pictures, and memories all in one! When friends want to see and hear about our wedding we open our Pictures on Pages Book as it truly captures every moment of the best day of our lives. It will always be a gem!" - Evan, Groom

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"OH MY GOODNESS!!! We received our photo books last week and my oh my are they ever beautiful! Tears streamed down my cheeks as we looked through our book. Ours sits on our coffee table and we love for all of our guests to look at it. We, ourselves, could look over it time and time again! We got a copy for each of our parents and they were ecstatic! Thank you so ever much!"  - Angela, Bride

Cara & Adam

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"One of the biggest priorities for our wedding was our wedding photographer. We went to great lengths to choose a wonderful photographer. We were glad we also prioritized printing these photos in a sophisticated and beautiful book. We loved that every moment of our wedding was documented by the photographer and then artfully put into our book by our Book Designer. Our book told the story of our entire day, as well as our engagement and our honeymoon. Our Book Designer worked with us to make sure that the wedding we put so much time, effort, money and love into planning, could be remembered in it’s entirety. We love our book and it was worth every penny. Our book was the logical extension of our photo priority. We planned to have this book be an Anniversary present for us and a Christmas present for our parents."  - Cara & Adam, Bride & Groom

Yolande & Tom

"After our destination wedding, we knew we wanted to have something done with our photos but we weren’t sure what our options were. Pictures on Pages did a magnificent job of telling the story of our wedding. We provided our pictures and this Beautiful Book provided the preservation of not only the pictures but also the story. We can now show our children, family and friends just how beautiful our day was. We had our book arrive just in time for our Anniversary and it was the perfect Anniversary Present!"  -  Yolande, Bride

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Laurel & Ted 

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"As a photographer, I have seen many couples pay top dollar for their wedding photography then seen these same photos languish on CD or hard drive. It is disheartening that often these photos aren’t printed and the only place they see the light of day is Facebook. When I shot the wedding of one of my dearest friends, I wanted to ensure that her photos were printed and given the airtime that they deserved so I had Pictures on Pages create this book as an additional wedding present. The design expertise that went into the compilation of their big day was beautiful and matched the effort and love they put into planning that day. I am glad that the wedding photos I worked so hard to capture are now displayed, enjoyed and shared." - Jen, Photographer

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