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Family Legacy Books

See your family stories bound into beautiful books ready to share with everyone. Family Reunions, Wedding Anniversaries, Books of Remembrance, Tributes & Milestones – there is a book or every occasion and everyone.

Lottie's Book

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"The book Pictures on Pages made in honor of our Grandma Lottie perfectly captured the loving memory we have of her. Instead of not knowing our Grandma's history, or forgetting different parts of her life, we now have a beautiful book with photos, stories and timelines of what Lottie went through growing up. Her memory is always on display and can be passed on to our children. A wonderful way to always remember our lovely Lottie."  - The Bonhage Grandchildren

Bakke Family Heritage

"Thank you for the beautiful photo books. Your effort spanned generations and was something we were never able to organize ourselves. Our family was so pleased with the 1970’s to present book of our life together, neat and tidy in one beautiful package. It made a fantastic present for our parents."  - The Bakke Family

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Sherron & Dean

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"Our book is a wonderful reminder of our wedding day that sits on our coffee table. Unlike the wedding photos that were tucked away and rarely viewed, this book is out in the open and browsed through often. Both friends and family alike enjoy looking through it and it brings back so many sweet memories."  -  Sherron

"We were so excited to receive this book as a gift from our 1976 wedding. It tells the story of our experiences, thoughts, photos, and wedding memories that otherwise would have been forgotten and lost with time. Afterwards, we made extra copies for our children & grandchildren to enjoy. This book really is a treasure for our entire family."  -  Dean

Moran Family

"As the keeper of the family photos, I knew I needed to find a way to share them with all of my siblings and their families. The books we had made from Pictures on Pages were absolutely beautiful. She compiled all of the photos for us in a beautiful album. We made multiple copies so everyone now had copies of our family photos. To say that I was a hit that year at Christmas is a wild understatement!" 

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Seibel Family

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"We had a mess of family pictures. A mess! They were in a giant bin in the basement. We sent that bin over to Pictures on Pages and what was presented back to us left us, quite frankly, shocked and awed. Our family photos were digitized, grouped by chronology, and then put into the most beautiful lay outs. We printed copies for each member of the family and everyone cherishes their book. This is a project we always wanted to do but would never have done ourselves. We are grateful for this work and this gift given to our family."  -  Ryan Siebel

Mike's Early Days

"What do you do when there is only one copy of the family photos and several grown children and grand children who should have them? That was our predicament. Finding Pictures on Pages was a wonderful solution. Our beautiful family pictures are now preserved, beautifully presented and in the hands of each member of our family. We can’t say enough about the work Pictures on Pages did and how happy we are with the results." - Moran Family

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Mary Vinish

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"This book of history and photos would never have been put together without the help of Lisa at Pictures on Pages. I didn’t have the expertise to put such a volume together and it was nice to have the option of someone who did. The help and support of Lisa throughout the whole process was wonderful. It is a treasured book of memories now preserved for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I feel such a sense of pride in how it turned out and am so glad to have had it actually come to fruition after sitting in text on my computer for years. I never imagined it could be so beautifully done."   - Sherron

"Pictures On Pages brings family history to life! Our Mother took the time to compile history, stories and photos of our cherished Grandmother Mary. Each of us grandchildren was presented with these photos and memories, compiled beautifully into a large hard cover book designed by Pictures On Pages. I have never received a gift put together with so much care. My children will be able to know their Great Grandmother through these wonderful pages!"   -  Brandon (Grandson) 

Baby Bob

"After our newborn shoot, both sets of parents were asking for copies of the photos. We wanted to do something special for them to remember the beginning of their grandson’s life, so we had a book made. This was the only Christmas present we got them and it was by far, the best one under the tree." - Bob's Mom

Photo Credit - Everglow Photography

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