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Digital Photo Organization

Digital Photography - a blessing and a curse.   We love our photos and we love the people around us. With amazing cameras right in our hand, we are able to capture wonderful memories of special occasions and the every day.   The curse is that we have SO. MANY. PICTURES.   From digital collections of 10K to 200K photos,  Pictures on Pages will help you get your digital photos from a digital mess into a Sorted, Searchable, Secure and Shareable collection that can be enjoyed now, and preserved for generations to come.

How can Pictures on Pages help?

Pictures on Pages will work with your collection to transform your Family Photo Archive from disorder and confusion into a wonderful photo experience for you and your loved ones.  

The end goal for each Photo Archive is to be:





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How do you do that?

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Pictures on Pages will take each Photo Archive through an organization process that includes the following steps:


Gathering all digital and print images into one central Digital Hub. Duplicates are deleted.


Deleting duds, adding Keywords (which identify people, places, events and make the images searchable),   renaming files and folders with keywords and dates,  identifying favourites.   From this organization, PhotoBooks can easily be created to further preserve and bring value to the Photos. 


Converting files to best file types, creating a back-up system to ensure security of the Archive.


Creating opportunity to share the archive with family and friends. Well organized Archives make it easy to create books and other Photo projects to bind your photos into heirlooms.


Creating a platform to move forward with confidence and security. Identify a plan for future printing of Family Albums and Annual Photobooks if desired.

What is my Investment?

Organizing digital photos can be a very time consuming endeavour on your own.  Pictures on Pages uses the most efficient and effective software and processes to give you the absolute best value for your investment.   

Most Family Photo Libraries contain anywhere from 10,000 - 100,000 photos.  The Gathering Process be done before any Organizing takes place.  Once the Organizing step has begun,  clients can choose the pace of the project. 

Each Session (up to 4 hours) is billed at $385.

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