Ideas for Great Family Legacy Books

Anniversary Album 

Looking for a beautiful heirloom quality gift for your parents or spouse on their anniversary? Create a wedding album that commemorates that beautiful day so many years ago. Sample: Sherron & Dean

Grandma & Grandpa's Old Photos

By now, there are enough children and grandchildren who won't get a chance to see Grandma & Grandpa's photos. Especially if they are in a dusty old box. Compile these photos along with their stories in a book that can be printed for each member of the family. [Sample: Moran Family]

Memorial Books

After a loved one passes away, what a better way to remember them than by a beautiful tribute album. [Sample: Lottieā€™s Book]

Replicate Family Photo Albums

There may be one lovely album per family but now, who gets them? Digitize those photos and make a book that can be in every grown child's home. [Sample: Bakke Family Photos]

Avoid Deterioration

We all have those family photo albums with the sticky contact paper (none of which is acid-free!) and we want to slow the disintegration of those pictures. Get those pictures out of those acidic books, digitized and into a print format that will last through the years.

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