"Who is in this photo?"

Some of the most valuable information about a photo isn’t just in the image. It’s in the information describing the image. Identifying people & places or describing the event & why the photo was taken – all of these things add great worth to each picture. When we digitize the photos, what do we do with the writing on the back of the photo or the information we know about each picture? That is where the magic of metadata comes in.

Metadata is the information that belongs to each photo. This information becomes a part of each image file and will travel with the file when it is sent. Boring metadata on photos can include the scanner/camera name, date scanned and file size. Important metadata can include “this is Grandpa’s first car. It is a 1967 Challenger. He bought it when he was 23. This is Grandma and Grandpa’s first ride in that car.” Or something like: “Jimmy’s 1st birthday. Jan 1982” It adds the most important information – the who, what, when, where and why’s of the photo.

Recording the writing on the back of a photo or any other information about the photo can be extremely important to the family and friends when the pictures are shared. For example, younger generations may not readily recognize their older relatives in the photos or understand the significance of why the pictures were so important. Adding this information will greatly increase the significance of each photo.

One of the great services that Pictures on Pages provides is metadata recording. When scanning photos, any information on the photos or slides can be recorded into the metadata of the photo. When our clients sent that photo via email, USB key, CD or the online gallery, the metadata follows and all their family and friends can easily know all the information about the photo.

This is where a picture is worth a thousand words – plus a few more in its metadata.

No Metadata Sadness

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Metadata Magic

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The Magic of Metadata

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